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Wohler and Cinnafilm® Tachyon® Wormhole™ Automate TV Program Retiming for Joyce Meyer Ministries

Published: October 29th 2014
Enjoying Everyday Life’ Program Can Be Adapted to Meet Requirements of Trinity Broadcast Network Without Costly and Time-Consuming Re-editing – Tachyon® Wormhole™ Automate TV Program Retiming SAN FRANCISCO — Oct. 28, 2014 — Wohler Technologies today announced that Joyce Meyer Ministries (JMM), producer of the popular Christian television program “Enjoying Everyday Life,” has deployed the Tachyon® Wormhole™ file-based media retiming solution to adapt the program for broadcast on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). A joint venture of Wohler and Cinnafilm®, Tachyon Wormhole provides JMM with an efficient and cost-saving solution for meeting the timing and standards conversion requirements of its partner networks while preserving video and audio quality, as well as the integrity of closed captioning. Based on the Wohler RadiantGrid Intelligent Media Transformation Platform™ running Cinnafilm’s award-winning Tachyon algorithms, Tachyon Wormhole allows content owners or broadcasters to adjust the runtime of media assets by up to plus or minus 10 percent without materially altering the viewer’s experience of the program. Tachyon® Wormhole™ Automates TV Program Retiming and saves time and money.