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Cinnafilm’s Award-Winning Tachyon Standards Conversion Technology Delivers Improved Solutions, Now Available for ProMedia Carbon, Announces New Partners

Published: April 4th 2013
The Cinnafilm Tachyon Standards Conversion Technology post-production product from Cinnafilm Inc., has been updated with new, cutting edge image processing algorithms, is now available for Harmonic® ProMedia Carbon, and has been announced for Vidispine MAM. Tachyon Standards Conversion Technology In addition to the new algorithms and platforms, Cinnafilm is proud to announce Big Pic Media, Ltd. has been selected to distribute Cinnafilm products throughout Europe.  “The professionals at Big Pic Media have a history of building relationships and Tachyon Standards Conversion Technology rands in Europe, and we look forward to working with them to grow Cinnafilm’s footprint quickly in both the broadcast and post production markets” said Lance Maurer, CEO of Cinnafilm. Tachyon is Cinnafilm’s GPU-based standards conversion plug-in created for popular file transcoding platforms and leverages NVIDIA’s CUDA architecture. Using NVIDIA Kepler architecture-based GPUs, Tachyon performance has reached unprecedented levels.  Tachyon can now standards convert HD video at up to 70 FPS with a single Kepler GPU – performance will vary based on the I/O characteristics of each transcoding platform. “With this release of Tachyon, we are not only improving what was already exceptional technology; we are expanding the Tachyon footprint into more popular transcoding solutions” said Ernie Sanchez, Chief Operating Officer of Cinnafilm.  “We now are giving owners of ProMedia Carbon, and soon Vidispine MAM, the ability to take advantage of our fast and powerful file-based standards and format conversion software and providing a very cost-effective replacement for hybrid baseband/file workflows.” In addition to the new platform compatibility, Tachyon now boasts Cinnafilm’s next generation de-interlacer, inverse telecine algorithms, and Cinnafilm’s most accurate scene cut detector ever.  Sanchez continues; “It is Cinnafilm’s goal to make Tachyon the golden standard for Standards Transcoding. To be a golden standard, your technology has to be simple, effective, efficient, and present tremendous value to your clients.  Tachyon provides freedom from aging baseband hybrid solutions by providing the highest quality image processing solutions in established transcoding pipelines, providing 100% file-based workflows.” Tachyon is available as a power plug-in to Wohler RadiantGridTM, Telestream VantageTM, Root 6 Content AgentTM, Harmonic ProMedia Carbon, and soon the VidiSpineTM MAM.  Tachyon and Dark energy will be demonstrated on most available transcoding platforms at NAB this year at the Hewlett-Packard booth in the Lower South Hall 9605.  If you would like to schedule a private meeting with a Cinnafilm representative, please send an email to [email protected]. Copyrights and trademarks are owned by the respective owners.