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Cinnafilm 2016 Fall Preview Newsletter Out Now!

Published: September 8th 2016
The Storm is Coming This is an exciting time to be in the video business! The advent of GPU-enabled cloud compute is changing the landscape of how we do business in M&E, and the trend is only growing. With the acquisition of (NVIDIA-powered) Elemental in 2015, Amazon signaled to the world that GPU cloud compute was a roadmap they were betting on – and we are too.  And in recent weeks, Microsoft announced their new killer Azure GPU offerings – blazingly fast NVIDIA K80s and M60s in a per-minute pricing model. The timing of all of this commotion is excellent because Cinnafilm is excited to announce that we have new partnerships for Tachyon processing in the cloud.  Beginning this fall, you will be able to consume Cinnafilm image processing in a variety of ways on virtual machines. The future is now, and the storm has just begun… Click here to read more about our new partnership announcements, product updates, upcoming events we are participating in and a commentary on CPU cloud chaos by the CEO.